If you’re looking for the best sublimation paper on the market for your sublimation business. Because having the best sublimation printer and sublimation ink is not enough to get the best results. The best quality paper is also an essential tool to run your sublimation business successfully. When it comes to finding the best sublimation paper, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

  • The first and most important is the quality of the paper. There are a lot of sublimation papers available in the market, but not all of them are created equal and produce the same results.
  • Second, paper compatibility with your printer is key to successful printing. Not all sublimation papers are compatible with all printers, so make sure that the paper you’re considering will work with your device.
  • Finally, paper price is also crucial because the sublimation paper can be reasonably expensive than regular printing papers, so choose according to your needs and budget.

This is why it’s essential to do research before buying and wisely select a paper that is known for being high quality. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced one, our list of best sublimation papers has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start reading and find the right paper for your needs!

Top 12 Best Sublimation Paper

There are many different options available in the market for sublimation papers. For beginners’ figuring out which one is the best can be difficult. We select the 12 best sublimation papers on the market in this post. Let’s start and see the benefits of each.





Best Performance

best sublimation paper
  • No fracturing, Fast dry
  • Any Inkjet Printer with sublimation ink

Best Value

  • Any Epson Sawgrass Ricoh Inkjet Printer with sublimation ink
  • Lifetime warranty


  • For Any Epson HP Canon Sawgrass Inkjet Printer with sublimation ink
  • NO fracturing, NO fade,
  • compatible with Epson, Sawgrass, Ricoh, etc
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Vibrant color
  • transfer rate 98%
  • Instant Dry
  • 150 Sheets per pack
  • High transfer rate
  • No ink bleeding
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Any EP Sawgrass Inkjet Printer  with sublimation ink
  • Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink
  • No Fracturing
  • Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for Mug, T-shirt, Light Fabric
  •  For Epson wf7710
  • Frequency: Dual-Band
  • Speed: Up to 10 Gbps
  • LAN Port: Gigabit
  • Frequency: Dual-Band
  • Speed: Up to 10 Gbps
  • LAN Port: Gigabit

1. A-SUB Sublimation Paper best sublimation printer paper

A-SUB Sublimation Paper has been widely considered the best sublimation paper on the market for the last 19 years. It is compatible with all types of inkjet sublimation printers and produces rich, bright, and bold colors that are attractive. It is also the best sublimation paper for Epson 2720 and all Epson printers.

In addition, A-SUB Paper is quick and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users equally. If you are looking for the best possible results from your sublimation printer, you need to consider this  A-SUB Sublimation Paper.

Best sublimation paper A-SUB

Key features:

  • can be used for many mediums like ceramic, tile, phone cases, and metal plates.
  • It can be used for polyester fabric and ≤30% cotton content.
  • It transfers up to 90% of the ink to the material.
  • It gives the best result with any sublimation ink.
  • The ink completely passes through the A-SUB Sublimation Paper and dries quickly compared to other papers.
  • It comes in a packing of 110sheetst measuring 11×17 inches with coated finish. So, you can easily use it for A3 and A4 printers.


  • Great ink transfer rate
  • prevents creasing
  • give amazing quality print


  • It’s only used for fabric containing less than 30% cotton.

2. Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Paper is best for mugs best

If you’re looking for the best sublimation paper that produces vibrant, full-color prints perfect for mugs, t-shirts, and more, look no further than Sublimation Paper – Heat Transfer Paper.

This superior quality sublimation paper is engineered to use with all types of inkjet printers, heat press machines, and sublimation ink. The paper is also quick and easy to use, without pre-pressing or drying time. Plus, it’s available in a variety of sizes (8.5″x11″, 11″x17″, 13″x19″) to fit your specific needs.

So if you’re looking for the best sublimation paper on the market to increase your sublimation business, go for Heat Transfer Paper.

Key features:

  • Heat transfer paper works with Epson, Ricoh, and Sawgrass Inkjet Printers.
  • It has a 98% ink transfer rate and beautifully decorates the finished product with bright and eye-catching colors.
  • It offers no fracturing experience, a faster dry rate, and durable transfer results that don’t fade.
  • It provides the best outcome for light-colored fabric containing polyester and ≤30% cotton content.
  • Papers are easy to use and install. In addition, you can save your ink and money because heat transfer paper consumes less ink than other papers.
  • Heat transfer paper offers wide applications easily used for t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, pillow covers, and ceramics.


  • Quick transfer rate
  • Less ink consumption
  • Works with various kinds of inkjet printers
  • Water-resistant
  • Quality results
  • Non-sticky


  • Some users complain paper may curl from the edges during printing

3-S-RACE Sublimation Paper

If you are looking for all in one sublimation paper, the S-RACE Sublimation Paper is one of the best products on the market. It has a specially coated surface that gives a glossy effect and weighs 1.6 Pounds. The paper is coated with a unique heat-resistant material that prevents colors from bleeding. The S-RACE Sublimation Paper is the best choice for sublimation newbies and professionals.

best Sublimation Paper  s-race

Key features:

  • This paper gives ideal results when used for polyester-coated substrates like wood, metal, ceramics, and glass.
  • The specially coated surface makes it the most suitable option for transfer on mousepads, mobile cases, and polyester.
  • You can immediately process your items as this paper offers fast drying and complete ink transfer.
  • You would get guaranteed results and exceptional HD photo quality if you used the best sublimation ink, polyester-containing substrate, and less cotton-containing fabric


  • Offer versatile usage
  • Faster and efficient
  • Save ink
  • Prints don’t fade
  • The printed back side makes its load easier


  • Only used for polyester containing items

4-Hemudu Tale Sublimation Paper 110 Sheets

This advanced top-quality sublimation paper is only for you if you are looking for a paper compatible with all popular brands of inkjet printers available in the market. It works well with both hard and soft materials. Its specially coated surface ensures vivid colors and sharp images and prevents the photos from bleed-through. The pack of 110 sheets is available in various sizes to fit your needs.

So, whether a newbie is just starting with the sublimation business or a professional graphic designer, Hemudu Tale is an excellent choice for any application and generates high-quality prints.

Key features:

  • Hemudu Tale sheet paper is a thick paper that stays in place during the transfer process and provides consistent results.
  • It is better to use light colors and cotton-free items for top-quality results.
  • This paper offers a wide application, and you can use it to print on pillows, ceramic, hats, key chains, and light-colored clothes.
  • It reduces your production cost by using less ink and ultimately transferring ink that dries speedily.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • Wide application
  • Durable prints
  • Rapidly dries ink
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers
  • Available in various sizes
  • Release/transfer ink well


  • Colors are not as vibrant as the A-sub sublimation paper

5-Koala Sublimation Paper

If you want to achieve high-quality sublimation results, Koala sublimation paper is one of the top-rated and best papers available. It measures  8.3 x 11.7 inches and produces sharp, vibrant prints that will impress your clients and family members. It is compatible with all kinds of sublimation printers and ideal for A4 work.

koala sublimation paper all kinds of sublimation printers and ideal for A4 work.

Additionally, you won’t have to waste time waiting for your prints to dry because Koala Paper offers fast and efficient printing. And if you’re concerned about the price, don’t worry; it’s very affordable, making it a tremendously suitable pick for those on a budget.

So, to get the best outstanding top-notch results, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Key features:

  • The thickness of Koala Paper is between 120 and 130 GSM. This thickness is sufficient to prevent creases or paper folds during the heat transfer process.
  • The Koala Paper package contains 150 sheets measuring 8.3×11.7 inches, so you can easily print large and small images that suit your needs.
  • It gives excellent results only with inkjet printers and sublimation ink.
  • The Koala Paper offers fantastic, brilliant color images and smooth performance in terms of performance.
  • Paper handling is super easy; even if you are a beginner, you can easily use it for sublimation.


  • Instant fast drying rate
  • 100% ink transfer rate
  • No fold and crease on print
  • Available in variable sizes
  • Compatible with various items


  • Only work with inkjet printers

6-Tonha Sublimation Paper

If you are new to the world of sublimation and wondering what kind of paper to use for your projects. While many different brands and types of sublimation paper are on the market, finding the most suitable option is difficult. The Tonha Sublimation Paper is a versatile top-quality paper among various available options.

In addition, if you have just started this printing method and looking for affordable papers, the Tonha sublimation paper is an excellent choice for you because it is highly affordable and offers the best quality results, superior performance, and value for your money.

best sublimation paper for t-shirt

Key features:

  • This top-quality paper is designed for use with a wide variety of inkjet printers, and it offers a 98% Ultra High transfer rate, Instant ink dry, and produces excellent results.
  • It uses a very minute quantity of ink and also helps to reduce the ink refill cost.
  • The Tonha sublimation paper is compatible with HP, Canon, Sawgrass, and Epson printers.
  • For making a professional-looking finished product, use sublimation ink and an inkjet printer.
  • The overall performance of this paper is excellent, and it produces sharp, vibrant color images.
  • Paper usage is exceptionally user-friendly, and 125gsm thickness makes its feed smooth and consistent through even the most delicate printers without any jam or bending.
  • It works well with various media, including ceramic mugs, phone cases, light-colored fabrics with 30% less cotton or polyester, canvas bag, mousepads, T-shirts, pillow covers, and many more.


  • User friendly
  • Wide media handling
  • Prints did not fade after various wash
  • Super performance
  • No crakes and bending
  • An excellent option for making stylish crafts


  • Only works with polyester blended fabrics

7-Sublimation Paper Size 13×19 Inches – 100 Sheets

Compatible with Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink – Extremely Fast Dry Transfer Rate

If you are looking for large size and slightly thicker paper for your sublimation printing. Then have a look at this 13×19 large inches sublimation paper. This size is large enough to print images onto t-shirts, mugs, and smaller objects.

Its pack contains 100 sheets, and each sheet weighs 120GSM. A heavier paper (120 gsm or above) provides better results on more rigid substrates, such as mugs and ceramic tiles. Let’s check its key features.

best sublimation paper compatible with any inkjet printer

Key features:

  • This paper is compatible with all sublimation inkjet printers that use sublimation ink and is designed for high-quality image transfers.
  • Its quick ink release and transfer (up to 98%) provides you with lay-flat performance.
  • If we talk about its performance, this sublimation paper ensures vibrant, color-fast prints that are durable not fade after several washes, and are long-lasting.
  • Its widespread application and use make it unique among various available options. It provides better results on different surfaces, such as mugs and ceramic tiles: premium ceramic, phone cases, and metal plates.


  • Superior quality performance
  • Dries fastly and quickly
  • It comes in a variable of sizes
  • It is pocket friendly compared to others
  • Wide range of applications for a variety of items


  • It’s harder to distinguish between the printable side.

8-Mecolour’s Heat Transfer sublimation paper

If you’re in the market and looking for a high-quality paper designed to use with all types of inkjet sublimation printers and available at a very affordable price. Then you must go for Mecolour’s Heat Transfer sublimation paper; it provides superior results every time you print. Mecolour’s sublimation paper is made to give the user accurate colors, consistent performance, and reliable output.

In addition, Mecolour is a sublimation paper company producing top-of-the-line products for more than 10 years. They also provide top-notch customer services.

best sublimation paper for heat transfer

Key features:

  • This paper is effortless; moreover, the printed back side makes its use easy.
  • It has an ultra-fast drying time of up to 30 seconds, so you can quickly process the items without wasting time.
  • The highest transfer rate makes it the perfect choice for those who want to produce high-quality prints.
  • It works well with all inkjet printers, and the paper won’t jam in the printer because the paper is extra thick.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent customer support
  • Prints are sharp and vibrant
  • Work with all types of substrates


  • Paper sometimes may curl when removed from the printer

9-HAYES PAPER Co. Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

Hayes paper co. is another top-rated and highly reputed brand that manufactures high-quality sublimation paper. They ensure all the ink is squeezed ultimately and produce vibrant colors. It will help you create the design on mugs, ceramic, and t-shirts permanently.

So, if you want high-quality results, then consider Hayes paper co. Sublimation heat transfer paper will help you achieve your desired output and never disappoint you.

best Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

Key features:

1- HAYES co. Paper accompanies a worth pack containing premium quality 110 sheets, weighs 120GSM, and measures 8.5 x 11 inches. This quality size and top-quality sheets permit you to do many activities you plan.

2- The innovative coating permits the sublimation ink to dry quickly. So, you can save your ink as there is no wastage of it, and it also helps you produce crisp images.

3- The top-quality exchange rate of this paper is on another level. The microporous technology empowers the paper and helps to exchange ink 100% on the desired substrate.

4- This high-quality paper is specially designed for use with sublimation printers, and it delivers outstanding results with Premium definition and high color transfer efficiency.

5- It also prevents the prints from bleeding through, smudging, and offsetting.


  • Easy to use
  • Give excellent quality print
  • Equally used for commercial and home projects
  • Offer maximum creativity


  • Some users complain it may leave some scratches on the print

10-A-SUB Sublimation Paper 3.5×9

Do you need a sublimation paper that dries quickly and can be easily applied to different materials? If yes, then A-SUB Sublimation Paper is the ideal choice for any project that requires high-quality images and precise color reproduction.

A-SUB Sublimation Paper 3.5x9

Key features:

  • The most distinguishing feature of A-SUB Sublimation Paper is that it is coated with a specialized heat transfer material and comes with an extra silicone paper sheet that protects the heat press machine from damage and helps maintain a clean workplace during printing.
  • It also dries quickly, so you can print the following article without waiting for each one to dry.
  • It helps to prevent the images from smudging or fading; as a result, your prints will always last longer and look sharp & vibrant.
  • You will get excellent printing details as this A-SUB paper have a high transfer rate.
  • This paper comes with 100 sheets and can be easily applied to various substrates without cutting, like premium ceramic, phone covers, mugs, and metal plates.


  • Consistent performance
  • Transfer ink well
  • Quicker rate to dry ink
  • Wide application options
  • Images do not fade


  • Costly

11- HTVRONT is the best Sublimation Paper for tumblers

If you are looking for a large size 13×19 that quickly dries and saves up to 20% ink cost for every project, you must look at this HTVRONT sublimation paper. It provides you best possible results and wide application on various objects like tumblers, mugs, and t-shirts.

HTVRONT is the best Sublimation Paper for tumblers

Key features:

  • HTVRONT paper offers an over 98% transfer rate efficiency without smearing or smudging sublimation ink.
  • This sublimation paper is 125gm thicker, which prevents the ink from bleeding through, and more ink will go to the substrate.
  • Your printed image is almost dry within seconds by the time it prints, and the high transfer rate also helps save ink and enables you to finish more projects on a limited budget.
  • HTVRONT paper is thicker, making the transfer sturdier and easier without creasing the image.
  • In addition, it is also the best sublimation paper for cotton material with less than 30% cotton content and has some amount of polyester.


  • No paper jam
  • No curl and creasing
  • Easy to find print side
  • Wide application
  • Saves 20% ink cost
  • Excellent customer service
  • Temperature guide table for different materials


  • Costly

12-Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

If you want to produce unique and colorful images on various materials and also looking for a pocket-friendly pack of sublimation papers. Then, look at this top-rated and superior quality Printers Jack sublimation paper before choosing the wrong one. It values your single penny and produces evident beautiful colors and a smooth image without cracks or lines.

Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

Key features:

  • Printers Jack, paper is compatible with any Epson or Sawgrass inkjet printers.
  • Just like other papers, it also wholly passes through the ink.
  • The ink consumption is also comparable to other papers, which helps you save money when you are a beginner with a tight budget.
  • It is super easy to use; moreover, with the help of the user manual, you can easily set the time, pressure, and temperature according to the nature of different materials.
  • This paper offers comprehensive application options on various substrates, including mugs, phone cases, puzzles, mousepads, ceramic, canvas bags,non-cotton pillows cover, and many more. So you can easily create and transfer images on the desired object in less time.


  • Extremely ultra-high transfer rate
  • User friendly
  • Crease free
  • Durable and long-lasting prints
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Available in limited size

Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Sublimation Paper

Finding the best sublimation paper is challenging and laborious for most people. Honestly, It is a confusing and time-consuming task when so many papers are available on the market. At the same time, there are many factors to consider when choosing the best sublimation paper.

We discuss some vital factors to make this task easy for you. So, it would be best if you considered these factors when buying sublimation papers.

Color Quality

The color quality plays an essential role in successfully running a sublimation business. Because clear, bright, and cheerful colors attract the attention of clients. Sometimes you choose the wrong paper that won’t work well and do not transfer the pigments exactly to match your client’s requirements. So, choose any paper in our above list to achieve the best quality color outputs.

Drying Period

The drying time is another critical factor you need to consider when working on many projects. Some good-quality sublimation papers reduce the drying time and promote the ink drying rate. We recommend you choose papers that have an ultra drying rate so that you can finish your multiple projects quickly and efficiently.

Color Durability

Color durability means your printed images don’t fade after a few washing. A good sublimation paper ensures top quality and long-lasting results, and images last longer.

Transfer Rate

The transfer rate of the sublimation paper is also the most crucial factor to consider. A sublimation paper with a high transfer rate (up to 95%) is regarded as good. It is also important because a high transfer rate paper saves your ink cost and helps you achieve high-quality and high-resolution prints.


It is useless and a waste of time and money if you choose any paper that doesn’t work with your printer. To avoid this situation, check the compatibility of paper with your device. Almost all inkjet printers work with sublimation papers.

Wrap Degree

Sublimation paper is coated with a unique material that prevents it from wrapping or folding during the transfer process. The over-transfer process is affected if your paper has uneven and inconsistent coating. This will also affect the drying time if the paper has a rough layer, some areas dry quickly, and others dry slowly.

So, before choosing any sublimation paper, one must check the degree of the wrap and consistency in the coating material.


The thickness of the sublimation paper is also the most crucial factor to consider. Using thin paper will curl easily, distort your work, and not withstand stress and pressure. On the other hand, the thicker, good-quality paper does not bend, twist, fold, jam in the printer, and withstand pressure.

The paper thickness up to 120 gms is an average acceptable thickness for getting the best results. A heavier paper of 120 gsm or above provides better results on more complex surfaces, such as mugs and ceramic tiles. For soft surfaces, such as fabric, a lighter paper (80 gsm or below) will provide the best results.

Number of Spots on Paper

Another crucial consideration when choosing a sublimation paper is the number of spots that a  paper contains on its surface. They may affect the image quality during the transfer process if present in large numbers.

So it is recommended to select the paper with fewer spots when choosing the form.

Tips Who to Use Sublimation Paper


what Is Sublimation Paper?

Sublimation paper is a specialized type of paper specially created for use with a sublimation printer and compatible sublimation ink. Unlike regular inkjet printers, a sublimation printer uses heat to transfer dye onto the paper. This process allows for highly professional-quality prints that are perfectly transferred images on t-shirts, mugs, pillow covers, ceramic and other substrates.

What Kind of Paper is Used for Sublimation?

Sublimation is a specialized printing technique for transferring images on various materials. For the successful completion of this process, the sublimation paper is used as an essential tool. The sublimation paper has a unique coating, enabling it to contain the sublimation ink and completely transfer it to the desired material. This is why regular printing papers are not used for the sublimation process.

What is The best quality sublimation paper?

A sublimation paper is a type of printing paper that facilitates the passage of sublimation ink through the paper onto a desired object of material. The best sublimation is that it can perfectly transfer images and meet your needs efficiently.

Can We do Sublimation Process With Regular Paper?

No, we can not use regular paper for the sublimation process because sublimation paper is a particular type of paper used in combination with a sublimation printer and sublimation ink to produce a full-color range and vibrant prints. The main difference between regular inkjet paper is that it is coated with a layer of ink-absorbing substance or material. In contrast, sublimation paper is coated with a layer of sublimation dye.

During the heat transfer process, the sublimation dye is vaporized at a high temperature, then turns into a gas, and permeates with the paper fibers. After cooling, the sublimation dye solidifies and bonds with the paper fibers, resulting in a high-quality print that is resistant to fading and scratching.

How Do I Take Care of My Sublimation Paper?

Sublimation papers need to be handled with great care because they can absorb moisture easily if placed in a humid environment. It might affect your printing results if not handled properly. Store them well in a sealed bag when not in use.

Is Knowing Which Side of the Paper to Print Necessary?

For getting the correct printing results, knowing the printable side is crucial. Most of the papers have a logo or mark on the non-printable side.

Can I Sublimate On Wood?

Yes, you can sublimate on wood quickly if it has a polymer coating.

Can You Reuse Sublimation Paper?

No, after use, cannot reuse.

Can You Use Sublimation Paper In Any Printer?

No, because all sublimation papers are not compatible with any printer. Before buying, check the paper compatibility with your printer. If you find any difficulty, ask the manufacturer.


So, which is the best sublimation paper? Without hypocrisy, there is no appropriate answer to this question. It depends on your unique printing needs and preferences. Hopefully, this blog post has helped you understand the different types of sublimation papers available and the various factors that play a vital role in any paper to make it the best sublimation paper.

Keep in mind that paper compatibility with your printers and sublimation ink is key to successful sublimation printing – so before making a purchase, make sure to do your research.

Congratulations to yourself, because now you have also identified the best possible option for your purchase from our top pick list, which will work best for your sublimation business.

 Thanks for reading.