10 Best DTF Printers (Direct to Film)

Finding the best DTF printers (direct-to-film printers) for your business can be challenging.

Don’t worry; you’re in the right place. We will help you to find the best DTF printers on the market for your business.


In this blog post, you’ll learn:

  • What to look for when buying a direct-to-film printers
  • Buying guide and some safety tips
  • Our reviews of the top 11 direct-to-film printers for home, office, and commercial use
  • Who to convert Epson printer to DTF printer
  • And much more!

List of Best DTF Printers

We’ve got a rockin’ selection of DTF printers for every skill level and project you can imagine. Find your perfect match with this list, or keep scrolling down to learn how we select our favorites!

  1. L1800 DTF Transfer Printer
  2. Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000
  3. Epson SureColor P700
  4. Epson Artisan 1430
  5. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 
  6. Epson SureColor P400 
  7. A3 DTF Printer L1800 (DTF Printer + Oven)
  8. MELDIKISO A3 Size DTF Machine
  9. A3 Plus Automatic DTF Machine for t-shirt
  10.  Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing DTF Printer

So, let’s begin!

What does DTF (Direct to Film) printing mean?

Direct-to-film printing, or DTF printing, is a new technique for all fabric types. It gives better and more precise results. A particular kind of DTF printer, DTF water base ink, glue powder, and transfer film is required to complete this process.

All these things together bring vivid and vibrant prints on all fabrics. By using this technique, you can effortlessly get excellent and durable results. For a detailed understanding of DTF printing, you can read what is DTF Printing. A complete process guide.

What is a DTF(Direct to Film) Printer?

DTF printers are a new type of printer that can directly print on transfer film, and their printing speed is much faster than (direct to garment) DTG printers. The printer is now connected through a computer or wirelessly by using WiFi.

These DFT printers help you create designs that you can directly transfer to various apparel, including cotton, nylon, leather, and polyesters. These printers also give top-quality results on dark and light color fabrics.

What are the Basic Steps in DTF Printing?

The following steps are involved in DTF.

  • Transfer the image on transfer film by using a DTF printer.
  • Apply powder glue on the pack side of the transfer film/ PET film.
  • Apply heat through an oven or heat press machine to melt the powder glue.
  • Place the film on the product you want to print and apply pressure for 20 seconds.
  • Then remove the film when it cools down.

dtf printer step-by-step guide

For the best results, use a DTF printer with compatible DFT ink and DTF transfer film because using third-party ink or incompatible transfer film may damage your printer or final printing results

1. L1800 DTF Transfer Printer

The L1800 DTF printer is an excellent printer developed by the punehod company. This L1800 DTF printer has a built-in heating system that can melt the powder on the film and combine it perfectly with the ink.

In addition, it gives equally bright and excellent results on dark and light color textiles and eliminates any odds of ink bleeding on printed design. So, if you want good quality, fast speed, clear, and smooth printing results that fully meet your needs, consider this  L1800 DTF printer.


  • One of the most distinguishing features of this product is the automatic paper roll feeder that minimizes the paper jam compared to other printers.
  • It equips with an auto-white ink management system. This system automatically mixes and circulates the ink from time to time, reduces printer head clogs, and improves printing efficiency and speed.
  • This printer comes with an oven designed according to the size of the printer, so you can quickly heat the sheet up to 300-420mm.
  • The built-in timer function allows you to set the time and temperature according to your preference.
  • Its powerful technology provides strong adheres the ink to the substrate and equally works with various fabrics, including polyester blends, cotton, and more. It also prints designs on both dark and white textiles and eliminates any odds of ink bleeding on a final project.


  • No paper jam
  • Fully automated
  • Fast and stable printing speed
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service and technical support


  • No cons as such

2-Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

The HD XP-15000 is a new and innovative ultra-wide format printer by Epson. It provides a large area for Printing and a complete wireless solution, so you don’t have to worry about the cables during work.

The XP-15000 is an excellent printer for those who want a wide format printer at an affordable price to complete their professional projects convectively. Let’s have a look at its unique features.


• The XP-15000 has a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2400 dpi and enables you to print in monochrome and colorful prints.
• You can print from various devices, including iPad, iPhones, and Android tablets.
• It provides a professional finish to borderless images up to 13×19 at an affordable price.
• It has a small footprint, so you can easily place it on your desktop as it accommodates a minimal space.
• It has two front-side paper trays that can hold up to 200 papers at a time
• Its unique alter system keeps track of your ink usage, so you never run out of ink during printing.
• Printing speed is fast, so if you are a professional or beginner and want to start high-quality, large-scale DTF printing from home, the XP-15000 printer is a must-have option.


  • Easy to use
  • Two-sided document printing
  • Offer wireless and wired connectivity.
  • It can print from various devices, including iPad, iPhones, and Android tablets.


  • Ink is costly
  • 2.4 touch screen is small

3. Epson SureColor P700

The Epson SureColor P700 DTF printer is the first inkjet printer that uses an innovative and new UltraChrome PRO10 Ink with Violet. This new pigment-based ink combines well and delivers outstanding image quality and rich color photos.

In addition, This all-in-one DTF printer has an automatic document feeder, allowing you to print on both sides of a page.so it’s a budget-friendly pick for those who have just started their printing business.


• The most distinctive feature of SureColor P700 compared to other printers is the presence of a dedicated nozzle for both matte and photo black ink types, so you do not need to worry about ink switching during work.
•One of the amazing facts we like most about this printer is the new innovative Carbon Black Driver Technology that provides consistent black color density and incredible sharpness in graphics, making this printer an ideal choice for graphic designers and art professionals.
• The 10-channel MicroPiezo print head makes your large printing projects convenient and consistent by continuously delivering prints at an ultra-high speed.

During the testing process, our experts print several pages. In terms of performance, it gives outstanding results more than expected. It prints on both sides of the paper and consistently print-rich density, deeper, and crisp images at a faster rate.

The biggest downside is that it works only with Epson cartridges. We highly recommend the SureColor P700 printer to anyone who is looking for a high-quality printer, that delivers prints at high speed consistently and accurately.


  • Easy to operate
  • It accommodates both sheets and rolls
  • Matte and shiny black cartridges
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Auto paper feed system
  • Comes with a full-color managing iOS APP


  • Expensive

4-Epson Artisan 1430

The Epson Artisan 1430 Wireless Color Wide-Format Inkjet Printer is a multi-tasking printer designed to print and share photos, documents, and more wirelessly.

This device is wireless, allowing you to print from anywhere just with one click from your android device.


• The wireless option allows you to print sharp, borderless, high-definition photos with your smartphone, tablet, or camera.
• It offers comprehensive media handling on any type of photo (matte and glossy) and paper, including CD/DVD.
• It produces amazing photos that are smudge, and scratch-free. Furthermore, they are also water and fade-resistant thanks to its Claria Hi-Definition Ink.
• The advanced color and light intensity correction feature add creativity to your work.

Our experts love its performance as it performs the same as advertised and prints on all media. The colors are sharp and magnificent. In addition, it does everything that we expect from this photo printer.

The wireless feature is also marvelous. Overall, we recommend this printer to anyone looking for wired free printing. The only downside is the low printing speed when printing on high-resolution or color photos.


  • High definition ink
  • Wide-format printouts
  • Produce durable and long-lasting prints
  • Studio quality photos
  • Works well with all wireless media
  • Stable wireless connection


  • Cartridges Ink is expensive
  • Printing speed is slow

5. Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 is a high-quality color DTF printer. It also features a scanner and copier, making it versatile for creating photos, graphics, and creative projects.

It enables you to print in-house studio-quality photos at an affordable price. So, if you are searching for an all-in-one printer, you must consider this ET-8550 versatile, eco-friendly, affordable color printer.


  • ET-8550 features a 4.3″ touch screen display that allows you to view easily, edit, and print photos and graphics.
  • The built-in copier allows you to copy images from various sources (mobile, USB, SD CARD).
  • It also prints borderless photos up to 13″ x 19″ and is ideal for home or office use.
  • It prints on both (dual) sides of paper quickly and accurately.
  • In addition to printing and copying, this intelligent device scans your documents directly from your smartphones. So you can easily e-mail your photos, documents, business cards, presentations, and more.
  • It can conveniently support cards, CD/DVDs, and other specialty media up to 1.3 mm thick.

Overall,  we would recommend this printer to everyone. if we talk about its performance, this printer can print documents, edit photos, and scan paper documents brilliantly. This is a high-quality printer and has great value for money.

It provides a wide range of connectivity options, including WiFi, an Epson smart panel app, and Ethernet. So, If you are hunting for a versatile, all-in-one, and easy-to-use multifunctional device, then you can’t go wrong with the Epson EcoTank Photo DTF printer.


  • Low running cost
  • Fast speed
  • Zero ink wastage
  • Versatile


  • Expensive

6. Epson SureColor P400 

Epson SureColor P400 is a 13-inch wide-format photo printer designed for creative individuals to satisfy their artistic aspirations. It can hold large paper and paper rolls for printing. The large paper capacity and high-quality printing on many paper types and sizes make it an ideal solution for home and small business printing.

So, this Epson SureColor P400 DTF printer is an excellent solution for individuals looking for a printer that can print from a wide range of media and offers refined, high-quality printing.


  • It prints at a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.
  • It can virtually print from any device, including memory cards, smartphones, ethernet, tablets,pc, and laptops. So, you can easily print when you are printing from a distance.
  • It offers a maximum running temperature of up to 50° – 95° F.
  •  Its true matte and black ink channels can print on your favorite glossy and matte photo papers, canvas, and many more to provide a smooth, professional lab look and feel.
  • The setup is also relatively easy. This versatile photo printer is an ideal solution for home or commercial use. It also provides great connectivity options, including WiFi, Epson smart panel app, and Ethernet.

For our testing, the Epson P400 DTF printer overall provides us with satisfying results. The best feature of this printer is the printing speed and easy setup. We print various art media in less than 30 seconds. The attachment and removal of roll paper proved easy enough. Overall,  we would recommend this printer to everyone.

In terms of performance, this printer can print documents, edit photos, and scan paper documents efficiently.


  • Easy to set up
  • Fast
  • Economical
  • Gallery-quality prints 


  • No touchscreen

7. A3 DTF Printer L1800 (DTF Printer + Oven)

The A3 DTF printer is an ideal printing machine for printing DIY t-shirts, hoodies, apparel, and onesies pants. unlike other printers, it equivalently provides the best results on light and dark color fabrics. This printer has a built-in heating system that can melt the glue powder on the PET film and combine it perfectly with the ink.

If you want to achieve apparent effects of the pattern and photos, then you must have a look at this premium quality printer.


  • This printing unit comes with a DTF Printer, DTF textile printing ink, DTF transfer film, and an oven. So, you can smoothly print your first DIY project.
  • This top-class DTF machine is furnished with advanced and innovative technology that automatically circulates the white ink, prevents the nozzles from clogging, and give alters when the ink level is low.
  • You can quickly pour the ink while printing without setting the printhead position.
  • The A3 DTF printer supports all kinds of fabrics, leather, shoes, hats, umbrellas, swimwear, handicrafts, Jeans, and many more.
  • It comes with free AcropRip9.0 software that offers three printing options and is compatible with Windows computers.

We found this printer excellent in terms of performance, and honestly speaking, the amount of money you pay for the product is well worth it. If you want to give a kick start to your business then must consider this A3 DTF printer.


  • Fast speed
  • Amazing customer service


  • Quite expensive

8. MELDIKISO A3 Size DTF Machine

The MELDIKISO is a multifunctional powerful DTF printing machine embellished with various functions, including powder shaking, dusting, heating, and drying.

This all-in-one printer offers a complete solution for DTF printing. So, Before choosing any low-grade printer, consider this digital, fully automatic DTF transfer printer.


  • This printer is compatible with many substrates, including nylon, fiber, cotton, leather, swimsuit, PVC, EVA, etc.
  • This printer completely controls powder dusting and shaking, monitors melting temperature, and automatic induction rewinding.
  • It is easy to assemble and use; even a beginner can easily use it for printing.


  • Multifunctional
  • Fully automatic


  • Little bit costly

9. A3 Plus Automatic DTF Machine for t-shirt

The DTF-A3 is a robust, user-friendly multipurpose device. It automatically heats and shakes dtf powder equally all over the PET films.

It has a large capacity powder hopper and a powder feeder. It is a very convenient, easy-to-use, and practical device.


  • The A3-DTF has a powerful heating function and can automatically adjust the temperature of the heating plate.
  • The automatic powder shaker allows an even layer of power over the PET film, promoting the even distribution of images on the fabric, making the color more vibrant and vivid.
  • The automatic temperature control functions ensure even temperature distribution and maintain the printed product’s quality.
  • The automatic delivery mode can automatically collect the printed product after printing.

This digital A3 machine automatically evenly covers and shakes the powder. Our experts love its temperature control system as it automatically melts the power and completely dissolves the powder on the film by maintaining an even temperature.

In addition, the film collector works well and automatically rolls the film together.


  • Multifunctional
  • Fully automatic
  • Print on various materials
  • It equally works well on dark and light textiles


  • No con as such

10. Automatic A3 T-Shirt Printing DTF Printer

The 3-Automatic DTF Printer with automatic powder feeder, Powder Shaker, and Dryer is a high-quality professional printer. Its high-end performance enables you to print different colors on the same t-shirt. In addition, you can also print different sizes of t-shirts at the same time.

Furthermore, the 3-Automatic DTF Printer fulfills the various printing requirements and efficiently delivers high production at an affordable price.


  • It has 2 XP600 print head technology that improves workflow and prevents mixing ink with other color inks.
  • It can quickly meet the different printing requirements and is suitable for printing on various materials such as fabrics, paper, plastic, metal, wood, leather, etc.
  • It is a high-speed digital off-set heat transfer printing machine suitable for digital printing industries.

The most significant advantages of the  3-Automatic DTF Printer are high printing speed, high precision, low noise, simple operation, and so on. The smoke extractor works efficiently, and the dual print head enables smooth printing without bleeding ink.


  • Industrial grade printer
  • Fully automatic
  • Print on various materials
  • Come with Maintop 6.1 RIP Software
  • Zero waste
  • Eco-friendly


  • No con as such

List of the fundamental pre-requisite you will need to start DTF printing

A DTF printer

The first and most important tool you will need to start printing is a direct-to-film printer with a six-color ink tank or more. The Epson printers are readily available on the market and will enable you to print using a wide range of colors easily. In addition, we also provide you with other types of printers in this article.


The transfer films used for DTF printing are known as Pet films. They have a smooth, clean surface that allows strong ink absorption and 0.75 mm thickness. They have excellent physical, mechanical, and quality transfer characteristics.

In addition, these films are high temperature resistant, allow the complete release of ink, and help you achieve high-quality, realistic, breathable, and smooth prints with no halo.


The final Print on the garment, intensity of colors, and Ink greatly depend upon the software you use. Rip software primarily uses DTF printing, which best handles white colors and CMYK.

Hot-melt powder:

The most crucial factor for getting excellent transfer printing results is a hot melt DTF powder designed explicitly for DTF printing. A thin powder layer applies to the PET film’s backside.

When heated, the powder melts and turns into a viscous material that facilitates the transfer of the patterns from the film onto the product’s surface.

The hot melt powder allows excellent adherence, washability, and proper adhesion with ink rather than film.

DTF printing inks:

For DTF print, specifically designed water base DTF  printing inks are used. They allow excellent fixation and strong adhesion to printing materials. They include white and CMYK ink colors. Among these, white is a unique color;  it provides the background where the color design prints.

Buying Guide for Direct To Film printer

considers the following factors when you want to buy a printer that ensures you purchase a printer that best delivers your needs. The factors include:

ink cartridges/ Tank :

DTF Printers come in different shapes, sizes, and price categories, but one of the best printers for DTF printing comes in a 6-color ink tank. These types of printers are affordable and produce high-quality images compared to other types of printers.

To find the best printers for DTF, you’ll need to consider the type of printing you need to do, as well as the price and features of each printer.


How resistant are the prints to normal conditions? The answer to this depends on the

  • type of ink you used because the Print of dye ink is more reliable and robust than pigment inks
  •  the printing process and
  • the specific environmental conditions

Some prints are resistant to customary conditions, while others may fade or become illegible over time.

The durability of Print:

The durability of Print depends upon the type of ink you use for printing. So you must consider the type of ink you choose for printing.

Running costs:

When calculating running costs, consider things such as over-inking, user error, wasting inks, paper misfeeds, unsatisfactory working conditions ( power surge and dust), poor color control, and driver settings.


If you work at a medium to high volume, you will need a fast enough printer for your business. The Fast printing speed often produces low-intensity color prints.

It is better to choose a printer that meets your workload but, at the same time, does not compromise on the quality of prints.

Paper Handling:

Ensure that your printer can handle the weight and sizes you need to print your artwork. Also, look for paper jams that can cause paper wastage.

How to Convert Epson Printer to A DTF Printer

The steps below illustrate how to convert your Epson printer to a DTF printer:

  1. Open the printer. Remover the cartridges and replace them with refillable ones, which will provide ease of use as they can refill when the ink runs out.
  2. Turn the printer on and wait till the printhead is in motion. As soon as it begins moving, unplug the printer.
  3. The printhead’s lock will click open and move it to the right manually.
  4. Move it to the right to unscrew the left upper roller assembly. Then, do the same for the other left side.
  5. After moving the printhead to the left, remove the entire roller assembly.
  6. Switch your printer on and download RIP software or EK RIP studio software.
  7. Congratulations! Your printer is now a Direct-To-Film printer.


What Kind of  Ink Is Used For DTF Printer?

DTF printers utilized specially formulated water-based DTF inks. The nanodroplet CMYK  and white DTF ink deliver suitable consistency, vibrant color, and high-quality final output.

The DTF ink offers fast drying and prevents nozzle clogging or blockage. These inks also provide long-lasting results, less fading, and excellent printing on the substrate and synthetic fibers.

Which Is Better, DTG or DTF Printing?

 Both direct-to-film printing and direct-to-garment methods are similar and appear as alternatives.

 However, here are some features that differentiate them. 

Direct-to-Garment PrintingDirect-to-Film Printing
Require pretreatmentIt doesn’t require pretreatment
Directly transfer image  without any mediumTransfer image by using PET films
Only used for cottonSuitable for a variety of fabrics
White ink uses in some productsWhite used as a leading top coat
Slow speed procedureFast

Is DTF Printing Durable?

Yes, DTF printing is durable. All credit goes to adhesive power that binds between the dye and substrate to ensure the durability of prints. The prints are long-lasting and withstand up to 45-50 handwash without peeling or fading. With proper maintenance, it could last longer.

Can We Use DTF on Cotton?

Yes, DTF can be applied on cotton easily as it has a wide area of application, including

  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • polyester blends
  • light and dark fabrics

What are the best printers to convert to DTF?

As mentioned above, the printer that accommodates 6-color Ink offers effortless conversion to a DTF printer. The Epson printers with six color tanks are easily conserved to DTF and provide the best results. The Epson ET8550, ET15000, P400, and P700 printers are convertible to DTF.

Can we convert an Epson printer to DTF?

Yes, it is possible if the printer has six-color ink. Just install a WIC reset software and replace the cartridges with refillable ink.

Is DTF better than sublimation printing?

DTF printing has proven to be better than sublimation in many instances. DTF produces high-quality images; fabric polyester content, in particular, allows one to print sharper and better-quality photos and even gives a smooth surface and an enhanced print.

Is money an important factor when considering DTF printing?

Compared with other printing facilities available, DTF printing is very cost-effective. People who utilize acro Rip know that DTF printers require only 80% of colored ink, while the percentage of white ink is 200%. It is clear that DTF printers use comparatively little ink, and pre-treatment is unnecessary. Therefore, in retrospect, DTF printers are considerably cheaper.

Is any specialized software a requirement for DTF printing?

Yes. Printing that employs the use of special inks requires specialized software in DTF. A recommended software is the Raster Image Processor Software (RIP), which provides optimized printings according to the defined color profiling, size dropping, and ink leveling through CMYK.

Which printers are appropriate for DTF printing?

The Epson XP-15000, P400, and L1800 are preferred for CMYK DTF ink systems and filling white DTF inks. It altered DTF printers that contain six-color ink tanks used in Direct To Film printers.

What can a DTF printer do?

These provide a broad array of printing patterns in comparison with other printers. Without adding on any A and B paper charges, these printers produce outputs on cotton, silk, synthetic, or polyester materials; and even on dark or white fabrics.

Does Epson manufacture DTF printers?

Yes, six-color ink tanks that contain different colored inks are present in the printers of the Epson series. Applying special inks and white inks to pictures is a crucial feature of DTF printers. Thus, printers like the Epson XP15000, P400, and ET8550 are suitable for DTF printers.

Is regular printer maintenance necessary for DTF printers?

The maintenance required for DTF printing is similar to that needed for DTG printing. On every third day of DTF printing, the ink requires shaking; however, an automatic printhead cleaning needs before the actual printing takes place.

Which printers work best as DTF printers?

Printers with six-color ink trays or more are compatible with the Direct-to-Film printing system, namely, L1800, ET8550, ET15000, P700, and other Epson print-head printer series. They are suitable for this purpose because of their ability to hold inks of a variety of colors.

Can an Epson printer function as a DTF printer?

Yes. The printer must carry a minimum of six colors of ink. Alterations can be made by shifting to refillable ink cartridges and installing the WIC reset software, which will allow you to make modifications.


To sum it up, the printers mentioned above carry the most benefit for people who are only beginning to use DTF printing. It can be concluded that each printer has its pros and cons. Thus, in this case, it is preferable to keep in mind your requirements for a printer while navigating through this article to select one that satisfies your needs